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8,89 EUR*
Details RPS Products, Inc. DFK Waterbed Drain And Fill Kit-FILL & DRAIN KIT

Waterbed Drain & Fill Kit, Includes Hose Adapter, Faucet Converter & Drain Pump.

16,02 EUR*
Details DANCO COMPANY - Lavatory Drain & Stopper, Fits Plastic Drain Body, Chrome

Chrome, Lavatory Drain & Stopper, Fits With A Plastic Drain Body To Complete A New Lavatory Drain Assembly That Installs Easily, Without Tools, Features Hair Catcher That Can Be Quickly Removed For Cleaning.

549,08 EUR*
Details I-DRAIN Drain Linear Länge 120cm Duschrinne 54 mm Einbauhöhe 1 Siphon

I-DRAIN Drain Duschrinne Länge 120cm, Linear 54 mm Einbauhöhe 1 Siphon mit Abdichtung\n\nHier angeboten die Länge 120cm ohne Rost!

23,75 EUR*
Details COBRA PRODUCTS CO - Air Drain Plunge-It Drain Opener

Power Plunge-It, Air & Water Propelled Drain Opener, Unclogs Toilets & Household Drains With The Push Of A Handle, Forcing Air & Water Through The Line To Open The Drain, Strong Poly Construction Is Easy To Clean, Comes With 2 Different Attachments For Dr

18,16 EUR*
Details Rubbermaid Home 1180MAWHT Drainer Tray-WHITE DRAINER TRAY

14.2" x 14.8", Small, White, Plastic Drain Tray, Antimicrobial Product Protection With Microban Treated To Inhibit Growth Of Stain & Odor Causing Bacteria, Sloped Tray Drains Water Back into Sink, Keeps Counter Dry, Cushioned Protection For Tableware.

5,11 EUR*
Details Stainless Steel Floor Drain Covers Drainers 8.8cm Dia 2pcs

For bathroom, kitchen and other places floor drain cover replacement.Can leak water fast to avoid water leak damage in your bathroom with the wide holes.Check your floor drain size to make sure that this cover fits it well before buying this item.

23,29 EUR*
Details High Grade Cream Plastic Dish Drainer Rack Holder Tray Fits Extra Large Wham Drainer by Wham

Fits extra large wham dish drainer (see listing) Ideal for;Ideal for collecting the dripping water from the dish drainer;Size: 44cm wide x 36.5cm deep x 2.3cm high

17,99 EUR*
Details LEONC Ihr Haar Ablauf Ablass Clog-Remover-Werkzeug für Relief Drain Drain Reinigung, 24,4-Zoll (4 Stück) für die Küche, Bad und Ausgussbecken, Badewannen und Duschen Drains Reinigung

LEONC ONCE AGAIN FEATURING AN ITEM EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU! LEONC 36 Inch Flexible Pick Up Tool Snake/Grabber with Retractable Claw also used to Unclog Drains Introducing:  Extend your hand by 36 without stretching a bit! Our flexible easy to reach ...

24,94 EUR*
Details Terrra Drain 25 l

  Einsatzort   Feucht- und Tropenterrarien    Nutzen   Drainage unter dem Bodengrund    Füllmenge   25l    Material   Tonsubstrat   Terrra Drain 25 l Terra Drain ist ein für Feucht-und Tropenterrarien speziell entwickeltes ...

20,36 EUR*
Details ZEP INC - 18-oz. Enzymatic Drain Cleaner

Drain Care, 18 OZ Enzymatic Drain Cleaner, Safe For All Plumbing, Cleans & Removes Build Up.

3,46 EUR*
Details DELTA FAUCET CO Replacement Touch Drain Washer

Master Plumber, Replacement Touch Drain Washer, For Tip Toe Style Bath Drain Cartridges, Carded.

15,01 EUR*
Details Monument 1377 W Drain Plug Testung 3in

- Monument 1377 W Drain Plug Testung 3in - Die Monument MON1377 1377 W Drain Plug Tests hat die folgenden Spezifikationen: Größe: 75

4,74 EUR*
Details Master Plumber 225-060 Drain Stopper Plug Fits 1-inch To 1-3/8-Inch Drain With 11-Inch Chain by Master Plumber

Fits most sinks;For drain sizes 1 - 1-3/8;With 11 stainless steel chain;Comes in carded package

2,00 EUR*
Details Sonline Kuechenwaschbecken Sieb Drainer Ablassen Abfall Stecker

Kuechenwaschbecken Sieb Drainer Ablassen Abfall Stecker * Material: Edelstahl* Speziell fuer Kueche-Becken * Paket Inhalt: 1 X Kuechenwaschbecken Sieb Drainer Ablassen Abfall Stecker

28,30 EUR*
Details Drain Weasel Hair Clog Tool with 2 Pack Disposable Wands Starter Kit for Drain Cleaning by FlexiSnake

'instantly Fixes hair-clogged Drains Micro Hook With flexisnake' S PATENTED Technology, Starter Kit Includes One Reusable Handle and Two 18 inch Disposable Wands, patented Handle Spins 360?And entangles Clogs for quick Removal, Wands easily detach ...

19,94 EUR*
Details ROEBIC LABORATORIES INC - Bacterial Drain & Trap Cleaner, 16-oz. Concentrate

16 OZ, Concentrate, Bacterial Drain & Trap Cleaner Special Bacterial Enzyme Formula Works Fast To Open Slow or Sluggish Drains Monthly Treatment In Sinks Tubs & Showers Helps To Prevent Clogging In Traps & Drains Safe For Use With Septic Tanks & Cesspools

9,59 EUR*
Details DealMux Stainless Steel Kitchen Bathroom Square Floor Drain Cover 6 Inch 2pcs

6 inch square stainless steel Floor Drain Cover for bathroom, kitchen and other places floor drain, leak water fast .Check your floor drain size to make sure that this cover fits it well before buying this item.

16,24 EUR*
Details DELTA FAUCET 172-624 Master Plumber 1-1/2-Inch Shower Drain by DELTA FAUCET

172-624 MP 1-1/2 inch shower drain;This product adds a great value;This product is manufactured in China;Stainless steel finish;Replacement shower drain cover;Grid style drain;For shower installation

7,02 EUR*
Details Prepworks By Progressive Steel Coated Enamel Metal Sink Strainer Drainer, Gray

Enameled sink strainer effectively traps food and debris out of sink drain. Small holes and indentation allow water to drain, filters particles to keep sink drain clear of food and waste. Hand wash for easy cleaning

14,95 EUR*
Details Hayward SP1019BLK Gutter Deck Drain - Schwarz

Hayward SP1019BLK Gutter Deck Drain - Schwarz

18,87 EUR*
Details F3 BRANDS 11837 10 QUART DRAIN C

F3 BRANDS 11837 10 QUART DRAIN C. Sold as 1 Each.

8,96 EUR*
Details 6 x Boxes Of Duzzit Drain Away - 2 x 40g Sachets Sink Drain Unblocker by Duzzit

Duzzit abfließen2 x 40 g SachetsAbflussreiniger.Schnell beseitigt Verstopfungen.Ideal für Waschbecken, Duschen, Badewannen usw..Duzzit abfließen ist eine einfache und kostengünstige Reinigungsschaum, der hilft Ablagerungen zu entfernen verursacht ...

8,12 EUR*
Details Houshold, seitliche unten Drainers Fruit Reis waschen

Houshold, seitliche unten Drainers Fruit Reis waschen

15,36 EUR*
Details Generic 413-1201 0.25"x 0.375" Drain-Stecker-Adapter

Generic 413-1201 0.25"x 0.375" Drain-Stecker-Adapter

8,30 EUR*
Details Drain Buster

Schnelles Reinigen verstopfter Abflüsse Die Drain Buster Abflusspumpe ist ein hilfreiches Produkt zum schnellen Reinigen verstopfter Abflüsse. Ohne Chemikalien, nur durch Druck und Kompression werden selbst hartnäckigste Verstopfungen durch Haare ...

35,41 EUR*
Details SEALEY 8-in-1 Oil Drain Plug Wrench

The right size drain plug key always in your hand

14,08 EUR*

Sink Snake - the quick & easy way to clear slow moving drains!;Instantly Clear Slow-Moving Drains. Flexible Design;No Need to remove drain Stopper For Bathroom Sinks, Showers & Tubs;Plumber's Quality: Carbon Steel Cable Upgraded cable coating;Long Lasting

4,99 EUR*
Details EMSA EASY DRAIN Drainagebeutel eckig 38 x 15, anthrazit

EMSA EASY DRAIN Drainagebeutel eckig 38 x 15, anthrazit

9,19 EUR*
Details SelfTek Wooden Folding Plate Dish Drainer 7 Plates Plate Rack Stand Holder Drainer Kitchen by SelfTek

Dieses Gericht ist ideal, um Ihre Platten sauber und ordentlich in Ihrem Regal, vor allem, wenn Sie Geschirr für besondere Anlässe oder eine zarte Muster und Angst es könnte splittern oder beschädigt ist dieser Ständer verwahrt dann entsprechend ...